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Cash Discount Order Form


For a limited time only E&L is offering a 15% Across The Board Discount on all retail orders submitted by mail. To receive this discount the order must be submitted by mail and include payment with a Postal Money Order.

Fill out the lower portion of this form online. Enter all items to be ordered. Next, enter the total of all items ordered on the "Subtotal for Merchandise" line. Calculate your discount by simply subtracting 15% from the Subtotal line and enter the discounted amount on the 15% Discount line. Next, include applicable shipping charges (see Policies for more information), enter the total amount of this order on the "Total Amount of this Order" line. Print out the form, complete the upper address portion and mail it along with your "Postal Money Order" to E&L Manufacturing at the address above.

Please do not use this order form for sending an order via email or the internet... This order form is for printing only!

Please Refer to our Policies Page for Shipping and Ordering Information.

Name First ______________________________ Name Last _______________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________ State ___________ Zip __________________
Country _________________________________________________________
Area Code & Phone _(________)______________________________________
Email Address _____________________________________________________

You can fill in the information below online or, print the form and complete the entire form at your convenience.

* Order# * Description * Quantity * Price Each * Total
* Subtotal for Merchandise
15% Discount
* Shipping - US & Canada $8.00 for the first $50.00 - $10.00 for $50.01 to $100.00
(Add $4.00 for each additional $100.00)
Shipping - Foreign Orders for the First Item add $12.00, Each Additional Item Add $2.00
* Total Amount of this Order

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